Supporting the professions


Leadership in supporting the professions is another NCEES focus. The organization is committed to facilitating the licensure process for its member boards, professional engineers and surveyors, and licensure candidates. In 2014–15, it concentrated on increasing and improving its services for these groups.

One of its key services for facilitating mobility—making it easier for a professional engineer or surveyor licensed in one state to practice in another—is the NCEES Records program. The program has existed in one form or another since the 1920s. It allows licensed professional engineers and surveyors to compile a record of the information typically needed for licensure by comity in other states. NCEES electronically submits these materials directly to the state licensing board each time the Record holder applies for a license, saving time and simplifying the application process.

NCEES continued to build on its other member services as well. The Credentials Evaluations service reviews the education background of applicants against the NCEES Engineering Education Standard or NCEES Surveying Education Standard. Applicants are individuals applying for licensure with a U.S. member licensing board who do not have a degree from an ABET-accredited program—usually from one outside the United States. NCEES submits a report to member boards, noting any areas of deficiency in education relative to the standard. Boards then use the evaluation to help decide on the applicant’s eligibility for licensure.