Strengthening international standards

NCEES also engages with foreign partners through memberships in international organizations. President-Elect Michael Conzett, P.E., Immediate Past President Patty Mamola, P.E., Chief Executive Officer Jerry Carter, and Chief Operating Officer Davy McDowell, P.E., attended the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in June 2015. IEA is an umbrella organization that coordinates six international agreements for engineering education and mobility. NCEES represents the United States in two of these agreements: the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

During the June meeting, NCEES joined representatives from many other countries to discuss issues such as evaluating engineering programs and assessing learning outcomes. At this meeting, Past President Mamola was elected deputy chair of APEC. In this position, she will serve two years as deputy chair, and then move to the role of chair.