SET the standard

Engineers throughout the world recognize the P.E. designation as a high level of distinction, and NCEES continues to grow in international influence.

NCEES currently has agreements with 10 foreign entities to administer its licensing exams in other countries. In April 2015, NCEES began offering exams in Taiwan through an agreement with the Chinese Institute of Engineers. In February 2015, the board of directors approved negotiating a contract with Texas A&M University in Qatar to begin offering NCEES exams in the country.

In 2015, the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate petitioned NCEES to allow the FE exam to be offered to graduates of all Egyptian engineering programs to assist in assessing the quality of engineering education in Egypt. Since 2009, NCEES has offered the exam in Egypt for the University in Cairo, whose engineering programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, but the new agreement could open access to the NCEES exam for another 25,000 people. At the 2015 annual meeting, delegates voted to approve negotiating a contract with the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate to offer the FE exam in Egypt to graduates of Egypt-based engineering programs that are not accredited by the EAC/ABET.

Sulaiman Alamoud, Director of Engineering Registration and Accreditation for the Saudi Council of Engineers said, “Based on a research study that began 10 years ago, we found that the American system for licensing engineers is the best. This is why we work with NCEES.”

With its member boards and international partners, NCEES is